Big Tech’s Faustian Bargain

graphic art of an origami robot and demon shaking hands

The bombardment of new and accessible information has created a new standard of incomprehensible intellectual turnover—what was relevant yesterday will be irrelevant tomorrow. 

The Legitimacy Crisis of the Ivy League

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Meritocracy, in its simultaneous immeasurability and ubiquity, has also come to justify social inequalities that ought to be attributed to structural issues.

The Liberal Arts Need More STEM

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The key is that we should not be funneling undergraduates into more “practical” or “employable” majors, but rather equipping all students with an education that’s practical and employable.

The Cynicism of Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas Drawing on an old newspaper

But I don’t think he changed so much as he settled, accepting a cynical worldview and placing no stock in the possibility of a radically different American society. 

The Fall of the Tech Bro

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A veneer of meditation pods and in-house therapists may remain, but with harsher competition and a slower flow of funding, I would expect tech companies to become somewhat less tolerant of employees taking “mental health days” or working 30 hours per week.

Steinski and Cultures of Amateur Reproduction

he first time that I saw Hannah Höch’s Cut with the Kitchen Knife Dada Through the Last Weimar Beer Belly Cultural Epoch of Germany, I remember being pulled into it. Not being able to focus on any one thing caught my attention with such fervor that it didn’t matter that I was looking at it nearly a century too late.

The Toxic Culture of Resume-Building

In the 2010s, panic swept across elite private high schools in the US. These institutions, designed to usher bourgeois coastal city offspring into the most elite colleges possible, were experiencing unprecedented rates of suicide within their student bodies.

Jay Hartley, President of College Democrats

The following is an edited interview with Jay Hartley (they/them), the newly elected President of College Democrats of America. We talk about the future of College Democrats, the future of the Democratic Party and the future of progressive politics.

Why Vinyl Is Making a Big Comeback

Despite the convenience and accessibility of music via modern streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, one old-school method has seen a recent resurgence in popularity: vinyl.