The Cost of Prestige

origami gold trophy

This thirst for prestige becomes dangerous when you forget there are more important factors in valuing people other than just status.

Reviving Teleology

origami figure of moses in a desert

Where do our values emerge from? And do they have a purpose? A just society cannot treat all value systems with complete subjectivity.

On Truth

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The populace is ill-equipped at rigorously filtering through the wildfire of information produced by the digital age. 

Big Tech’s Faustian Bargain

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The bombardment of new and accessible information has created a new standard of incomprehensible intellectual turnover—what was relevant yesterday will be irrelevant tomorrow. 

The Necessity of Student Journalism

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Student journalism, much like professional journalism, is essential not only to inform the community but also to hold those in power accountable for their actions.

Turning Back Our Carbon Clock

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An important piece of the puzzle has mostly been left out of climate action to date — removing carbon dioxide directly from the biosphere.

The Legitimacy Crisis of the Ivy League

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Meritocracy, in its simultaneous immeasurability and ubiquity, has also come to justify social inequalities that ought to be attributed to structural issues.

Updating Our Diversity Paradigm

lady justice weighing different values

Over the past few decades, academic institutions have strived to create more diverse student bodies. While certainly a commendable aim, many of these efforts have not been motivated not by genuine concern for social progress, but rather by the need to improve optics in our increasingly dogmatic political climate. To achieve diversity and the social prestige that comes along with it, institutions of higher education have devalued the principles of merit, racial equality, and freedom of expression. In its ideal form, diversity enriches life experiences and can drive the advancement of technology. But current initiatives to increase diversity are unsustainable and dangerous when they cast aside common sets of principles that are essential for creating healthy multicultural communities. 

The Liberal Arts Need More STEM

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The key is that we should not be funneling undergraduates into more “practical” or “employable” majors, but rather equipping all students with an education that’s practical and employable.

The Cynicism of Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas Drawing on an old newspaper

But I don’t think he changed so much as he settled, accepting a cynical worldview and placing no stock in the possibility of a radically different American society. 

Reaching the Bounds of Psychology

digital art of human brain sprouting from plants

While psychology is still a budding seed, it isn’t hard to imagine it firmly planting itself in the garden of hard sciences. As with most sciences before it, psychology can and must transition from the realm of conjecture to the realm of calculation.

Generation Junkie

Abstract art of different colors pouring out of a cup

Sure, our parents may have smoked hash in public parks and spent the eighties enjoying the various pleasures of the early days of Wall Street, but for Gen Z, carnality is synonymous with culture. 

Laura Helen Marks, Porn Studies in Academia

Porn, as a whole, is never ‘just fucking’. Even something that appears to be ‘just fucking’, it’s still fucking with the camera placed just so, your bodies placed just so, and it’s choreographed! Even if you wanna make it seem completely authentic, that also is a choice.

On Meaning and Purpose

There is a warm undercurrent of comfort in knowing that your very essence is beyond natural material and that the thing that breathed that essence into you, whatever it is, carries an inaccessible depth of knowledge—a purview that life is always acting toward your well-being, no matter how bad it may appear.

The Toxic Culture of Resume-Building

In the 2010s, panic swept across elite private high schools in the US. These institutions, designed to usher bourgeois coastal city offspring into the most elite colleges possible, were experiencing unprecedented rates of suicide within their student bodies.

Has Gen Z Killed Intimacy?

Hook-up culture, a consequence of a movement dedicated to sexual liberation, has morphed into one of the few remaining patriarchal structures where women ultimately compromise their desires for the benefit of men.

Life in Ukraine

When you only hear about a group of people through the news, our brains have the dangerous habit of turning them into abstractions.

Why Vinyl Is Making a Big Comeback

Despite the convenience and accessibility of music via modern streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, one old-school method has seen a recent resurgence in popularity: vinyl.

Professors Shouldn’t ‘Avoid Bias’, They Should Embrace it.

If you’re a philosophy professor who has read the entirety of Marx and dreams of a communist utopia, I want to hear your opinion. If you’re a history professor who studies the collapse of the Soviet Union and hates communism with a burning passion, I want you to hear your opinion too. I’m not paying $50,000 in tuition for you to dance around your true thoughts.

The Hidden World of Romance at Women’s Colleges

Although their nature is fiercely debated by modern academics, romantic friendships played a significant role in the culture of women’s colleges and the individual lives of nineteenth and twentieth century students.