Big Tech’s Faustian Bargain

graphic art of an origami robot and demon shaking hands

The bombardment of new and accessible information has created a new standard of incomprehensible intellectual turnover—what was relevant yesterday will be irrelevant tomorrow. 

Remote Internships Have Failed

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The virtual workplace is a nightmare for young professionals trying to gain valuable experiences, network, and kick off their careers.

The Necessity of Student Journalism

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Student journalism, much like professional journalism, is essential not only to inform the community but also to hold those in power accountable for their actions.

The Legitimacy Crisis of the Ivy League

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Meritocracy, in its simultaneous immeasurability and ubiquity, has also come to justify social inequalities that ought to be attributed to structural issues.

The New Threat to Academic Freedom

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Are we fostering environments that encourage exploration and critical thinking, or are we succumbing to politically driven agendas that stifle debate?

The Fall of the Tech Bro

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A veneer of meditation pods and in-house therapists may remain, but with harsher competition and a slower flow of funding, I would expect tech companies to become somewhat less tolerant of employees taking “mental health days” or working 30 hours per week.

Professors Shouldn’t ‘Avoid Bias’, They Should Embrace it.

If you’re a philosophy professor who has read the entirety of Marx and dreams of a communist utopia, I want to hear your opinion. If you’re a history professor who studies the collapse of the Soviet Union and hates communism with a burning passion, I want you to hear your opinion too. I’m not paying $50,000 in tuition for you to dance around your true thoughts.