The Problem With College Implants

Campuses are a hotbed of social and academic life, but an entire community with its own nuances and concerns exists outside this bubble. Beyond the comfort of dining halls and dormitories, there lies a world of opportunity and growth. If you are to claim a city and its corresponding university, you must commit yourself to loving it wholly. 

Jay Hartley, President of College Democrats

The following is an edited interview with Jay Hartley (they/them), the newly elected President of College Democrats of America. We talk about the future of College Democrats, the future of the Democratic Party and the future of progressive politics.

The Case for Studying Abroad

It’s an experience that allows students to grow, become more independent, and to explore new places while learning about the world around them and subjects they are interested in.

End the War on Hazing

School policy around Greek Life has not stopped hazing. Instead, it has lead to a dangerous blind-eye approach from administrators.