The Intercollegiate Student Magazine

Northwestern University

Over the past few decades, academic institutions have strived to create more diverse student bodies. While certainly a commendable aim, many of these efforts have not been motivated not by genuine concern for social progress, but rather by the need to improve optics in our increasingly dogmatic political climate. To achieve diversity and the social prestige that comes along with it, institutions of higher education have devalued the principles of merit, racial equality, and freedom of expression. In its ideal form, diversity enriches life experiences and can drive the advancement of technology. But current initiatives to increase diversity are unsustainable and dangerous when they cast aside common sets of principles that are essential for creating healthy multicultural communities. 

Yale University

I have always found security in YPD’s presence, but this is not a universal sentiment at Yale or other American college campuses, where police presence signals potential danger instead of safety. This begs the question: how can students navigate their need for safety and security with their distrust or fear of campus police?

Tulane University

Campuses are a hotbed of social and academic life, but an entire community with its own nuances and concerns exists outside this bubble. Beyond the comfort of dining halls and dormitories, there lies a world of opportunity and growth. If you are to claim a city and its corresponding university, you must commit yourself to loving it wholly. 

Tulane University

Sure, our parents may have smoked hash in public parks and spent the eighties enjoying the various pleasures of the early days of Wall Street, but for Gen Z, carnality is synonymous with culture. 

Tulane University

If you’re a philosophy professor who has read the entirety of Marx and dreams of a communist utopia, I want to hear your opinion. If you’re a history professor who studies the collapse of the Soviet Union and hates communism with a burning passion, I want you to hear your opinion too. I’m not paying $50,000 in tuition for you to dance around your true thoughts.