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College Contemporary Undergraduate Recognition

Every semester, the College Contemporary recognizes exceptional student work. All awards are given to an undergraduate student or group, or a project led by an undergraduate student or group at an accredited United States University. Awards are nominated by readers and staff and voted on by the standing College Contemporary editorial staff.


Journalism Award

This is given to an outstanding piece of student journalism written for a student publication. The piece can be of any length, and can either be opinion or appositive. The piece is recognized on the merits of being well-written, rigorous, and bold.

Athletic Achievement Award

This award is given to the most accomplished athlete of the semester in any sport. The College Contemporary nominates and votes on the winner based on their overall impact and talent.

Artistic Achievement Award

This award is given to an outstanding artistic piece created by college students. The art can be in any medium such as a short film, song, or painting.

Entrepreneurship Award

This award is given to a student start-up which is innovative, socially responsible, and provides value to society.

Nominate a student, group, or project by sending an email to