The Intercollegiate Student Magazine

About Us

In the Spring of 2022, students at Tulane University founded The College Contemporary, a digital & print magazine to explore an intercollegiate model of student journalism. We have since recruited students from over 30+ different colleges across the U.S. to contribute perspectives on academia, philosophy, business, politics, culture, and other topics. In the Spring of 2023, we launched our intercollegiate literary magazine, Pretty Good Pieces, for students to contribute short stories, poems, satire, and creative nonfiction. We are thankful for the The Phyllis M. Taylor Center, a center at Tulane University that supports social innovation and entrepreneurship, for funding this project.

The College Contemporary operates under Contemporary Media NFP, a 501c3 registered under the Illinois Secretary of State.


  • To support freedom of expression on college campuses
  • To provide student writers from all universities access to a publication that gives their work reach and credibility
  • To provide a publication where writers can publish higher-quality work at a slower pace
  • To provide readers with interesting & engaging perspectives on important debates and ideas
  • To provide a platform for Ph.D. students to communicate their research to a general audience

Ethical Guidelines

We strive to follow the Code of Ethics outlined by the Society of Professional Journalists: